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When one does something bad, negative energy is created. But when one does good, positive energy is created. 

The world is awash in conflict; malice and misery. 

With the global calamities of our time there is a critical need for positive change in the world at large.

The sole aim of this project is to remind people that every single person has the ability and ultimately, the responsibility to make the world a better place through positive actions - basically, through goodness and kindness.

We have embarked on an ARK campaign (ARK – Acts of Random Kindness).


The mission statement of this campaign is Change Our World for Good. The goal is to distribute charity boxes in the shape of an ARK. The label on each charity box read: "Change Our World for Good" When full give me to someone less fortunate. Our organization will not take the charity boxes back as this is not a fundraiser.

We simply want to encourage people of all ages to increase in acts of goodness and kindness. You can help by spreading kindness across the globe by posting your ARK on Facebook or Twitter using #COWFG. Share your stories, post your pictures, get involved. Be part of the kindness movement.

Schools that have received ARKs

King David High School Linksfield
Houghton Primary School
Glenhazel Primary School
Buccleauch Primary
Fairways Primary
Fairview Primary
Summerwood Primary School
Kensington Ridge Primary
Bryandale Primary School
Craighall Primary School
Glenoaks Primary School
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27 Aintree Avenue, Savoy Estate, Johannesburg 2090, South Africa

Activate Kindness

Contact us should you wish to have us attend exhibition as a CSI initiative.We have already attended a few exhibitions wereby we were there as the exhibition companies CSI initiative. We take up a stand or a spot by the entrance / exit of the exhibition and advise people about the ARK project. They put a donation in a box and we give each person an ARK. We then also take down their details so to contact them for a corporate or personal event where they would require ARKs to hand out to others.

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