Negative actions spread negative energy and that is why currently the world seems awash with conflict, misery and malice. Lets work together to turn this around by creating positive energy instead, and inspiring hope.

ARK Charity boxes have been created with the intention that people need to please fill the ARK with spare change and once full hand this to a person in need or a charity of their choice.
Change our World for Good will not take the ARKs back as this is not a fundraiser for our organisation.

It is with your positive commitment to this campaign that we can achieve our goal of spreading Goodness and Kindness.
Share your stories, post your pictures, get involved via Facebook and Twitter.

Become an Agent of Change.



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Ark Participants


FCB South Africa is incredibly proud to be involved in the Change Our World For Good campaign.

We have distributed ARKs to our staff on two occasions and the response has been incredibly positive. It has definitely contributed to an uplift in morale as well as positive sentiment towards South Africa.


Claire Tyler

Claire Tyler Marketing Manager for Europcar tells us how our ARK has driven into her heart, and the hearts of others.

Claire begins by sharing with us a heart-warming and inspiration story about the ARK and her act of kindness: “I placed my yellow Ark in my car to catch smaller and larger change that keeps collecting while I am shopping.

The Creative Counsel

The response from commuters was something that NO ONE expected!

On the morning of the 17th of July 2015 a team made up of brand ambassador's, The Creative Counsel staff and members of the Change Our World for Good Foundation headed to the intersection of Grayston and Rivonia road in the busy CBD of Sandton Central.

Dimension Data

Minesh Mistry

Minesh Mistry from Dimension Data believes “Kindness start with us”

Minesh found out about the ARK campaign whilst reading an article in The Star newspaper. His interest piqued, he then contacted Rabbi Masinter who explained the campaign further to him, and after that he instantly wanted to get involved.


Learning and Development Investec Bank Ltd

Gwynneth Bownes, took some time out of her busy day to share us what impact the ARK campaign had at Investec Bank. She tells u that “when the Change The World For Good campaign was introduced at our offices, I thought that it was reallybrilliant and amazing initiative. My colleagues really loved the idea and snapped up the ARKs very quickly!”


I’d like to say thank you for such a wonderful project you have started the response is fantastic! If every person today gave even 50 cents to help someone we could all make a massive change for the good in this world! We hand out the arks and customers have a great response to this! It is a simple way to show someone, who is busy and unaware of the importance of charity, how simple and easy it can be. All that needs to be done is to fill up an ark and pass on. What could be easier than that!


Eclipse Promotions – and its clients – love the ARK programme! The company sent ARKs to clients with its 2016/7 catalogue. Lee-anne Eades, owner of Eclipse Promotions, says she has only received positive feedback from clients. “Our clients love them and the feedback has been nothing short of fantastic!  The project was met with such enthusiasm. Our clients have been super active in filling the ARKs and handing them out to those in need!” She adds that this exercise has proved that everyone can make a difference. “The feedback has been phenomenal, with such heart-warming stories shared. Every one of us can make a difference! We are so happy to be part of Changing our World For Good.”